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Hair Extension
Major benefit of our Hair Extensions is that they proffer you a more feminine as well as attractive look. These hair styling solutions are made to adding length as well as volume to the natural hair. 
Curly Hair
Provided Curly Hairs are the ultimate styling solutions for ladies who stay in a haste for going to the office. These long-lasting wigs are extensively applicable for fashion industry.
Human Hair Wig
Human Hair Wigs are available in several vibrant shades such as grey, burgundy etc. These long lasting wigs are proffered with extremely beauteous look and bestow a flair to the hair movements.
Wavy Hair
Our high-quality Wavy Hairs of hygienic make are accessible with natural looks and high shine. These can be used by all those who want to stay updated with latest fashion trends.
Deep Curly Hair
Deep Curly Hair we deal in are used by all the ladies, who love the curly looks and find it difficult to owe and manage them. This long-lasting wig has accessibility in different colors and textures.
Bulk Hair
The Bulk Hair we offer in our range is free from tangles and broken strands. These can be used by women and girls of different ages. The weft hair varieties offered in the range is highly appealing in looks.
Temple hair
Temple Hairs are the high-quality wigs, made from natural hair.  These have high strength and ensure high functionality in assorted conditions. These have accessibility in curly, straight and wavy patterns.
Single Drawn Hair
We are dealing in optimum quality Single Drawn Human Hairs, which are bestowed with extremely beautiful looks and proffer shine and volume to your natural hairs. These are highly appreciable for their vital role in the fashion industry.
Machine Weft Hair
Machine Weft Hairs are weft hairs, proffered with natural looks and high shine. Ladies prefer them because of their ease in use and simple fixing. Provided long-lasting hair styling picks are favorites of all ladies.
Double Drawn Hair
Tyagi Exports deals in high-quality Double Drawn Hairs, which are the specific sort of weft hairs. These are three times thicker in comparison to other sort of hair wigs and extensions.
Natural Wave I Tip Hair Extesnion
Natural Wave I Tip Hair Extensions are versatile as well as fun to wear extensions. These can be easily fixed with glue and allow for simple fixation and removal. Their versatile texture allow them to be used in various applications. 
Straight Front Lace Wig
The Straight Front Lace Wigs enable the wearer to flaunt a filled hairline. They can be worn even while doing activities like exercising, swimming etc. These are known as the popular choice among other alternatives.

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